Meet Our team

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Dale Sharpe 

Co- Founder, Pro Photographer, Workshop Leader

Dale’s love for photography has been ingrained within him from a young age. He began photographing 15 years ago when he started out in real estate photography, and moved into portraiture and events over the following years, making this his full time career 5 years ago, when he began to focus heavily on landscape photography.

He is a professional photographer, Nikon and NiSi Filter ambassador, which make him an incredible asset for any workshops. Not to mention his ridiculous sense of humour and intoxicating positivity.

Dale is the co-owner of DK Photography


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Karlie Russell

Co- Founder, Pro Photographer, Workshop Leader & Logistics

Karlie always loved travel & photography growing up, and has since moved around Australia and the world photographing.

Karlie is a professional photographer and is responsible for most of the logistical planning for Dream Photography Workshops. She is also a Nikon and NiSi ambassador.

Karlie is the Co-owner of DK Photography


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Jacques Van As

Co- Founder, Pro Photographer, Workshop Leader

Jacques first picked up a camera over 10 years ago when he began his career in live events and staging, photographing bands and events all over the world.

He is a professional photographer and videographer who has a love for outdoor adventure and travel. Jacques is the owner of Jacques VA Photography and co-owner of Best Day Ever Photography


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Hamish Stubbs

Pro Photographer and Workshop Leader

Hamish's love for photography and travel has seen him photograph more than 20 countries in the last five years. He prides himself on his ability to cover many different genres, though his focus has most recently been aimed at landscape, astro and drone photography - which are all well suited to his love for exploring the world. 

Hamish is a professional photographer and content creator, and has been teaching photography through workshops for the last two years, including a series of astrophotography workshops with his fellow Dream Photography Workshops guides, Dale and Karlie. Hamish is sponsored by Olympus cameras and is the owner of Hamish Stubbs Photography. 



Trent Blomfield

Pro Photographer and Workshop Leader

Trent's love for adventure & photography has seen him photograph across Australia and the world. His love for Patagonia is evident, with almost annual visits, making the rugged South American landscapes his speciality. Speaking the lingo, he has been able to discover much more than most.  

Trent is an enthusiast photographer and content creator, and through his own teaching career has been able to expand this in the area of landscape photography. He has the ability to teach photography through workshops, working with his fellow Dream leaders. Trent is a Nikon Ambassador and the owner of Trent Blomfield Photography


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Ben Broady

Pro Photographer, videographer and workshop leader.

Ben is an expert low light, long exposure and landscape photographer. 

Hailing from the Kimberley, in Australia's North West, Ben has a love for nature and a real sense of adventure. Capturing the rugged beauty of the Kimberley has been a passion of Ben's for over a decade and has been doing it professionally for 3 years.

Ben specializes in Astrophotography, time lapse, storm scapes, drone aerial photography and videography amongst many others. He is a very diverse shooter and prides himself on strong composition and producing real images in post production.

Ben has held his own successful photography workshops in the Kimberley but is now a passionate member of the Dream Team at Dream Photography Workshops.

Ben is the owner of